The Easiest Way To Build Backlinks

The Easiest Way To Build Backlinks
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Mastering Backlink Building

The process of building backlinks need not be difficult. Many people believe that writing amazing content alone will bring links. However, if the content is not promoted, it won’t be visible to others, and hence the chances of getting links are slim.

Even with promotion, acquiring links is still a daunting task, as people do not link as often as they did in the past. While there are many ways to build links, there are two methods that I’d like to mention – the second easiest and the easiest. I’ll elaborate on both methods. ort in Ubersuggest.  So when you go to Ubersuggest,  you put in your domain name,  and you put in three of your competitors,  it’ll show you everyone who links to your competitors but does not link to you.  Think of it this way,  “If someone links to one of your competitors  will they link to you?”  Maybe.  They may like your competition, not you.  Look, if someone is willing to link to not one, not two,  but three of your competitors.

Strategic Link Building

Other websites will likely link to your website if they are not loyal to your competitors. The backlink opportunity report will provide you with information about the exact pages that people are linking to on your competitors’ websites. If you find that someone is linking to three or more of your competitors, you can create a better version of those pages and email them to request a link swap. While not everyone will agree to it, there’s a good chance that some will. This is my second favorite way of building links, and it’s not the easiest. My favorite way is through, which is a tool.

Revolutionizing SEO

There’s a tool designed for SEO that can help you increase your website traffic. It’s available for free, but there’s also a paid version with additional features. What sets it apart from its competitors is that it offers free features that others charge for. This strategy works because people tend to link to free and easy-to-use tools, rather than those that require payment or registration. The absence of these barriers makes it more appealing to users.

Strategic Link Building on a Budget

Having a tool on your website can help you build links, as people are more likely to link to it. However, building a tool can be expensive. To solve this problem, you can use sites like CodeCanyon, where you can find tools for almost every industry at a reasonable price. Just pay $10, $20, or $30, white-label it, and pop it on your website. Over time, the tool will help you build links even if you are not great at promoting it. This is why tools are so effective. Alternatively, you can search for free SEO or real estate tools on Google and white-label them for use on your website.

Effortless Link Building

Over time, the use of a tool on your website can generate backlinks, making it the easiest way to build links. Although it’s a long-term approach, it works very well. However, I don’t recommend that you stop creating content or doing any of the other link-building methods. Instead, integrate the tool into your website and give it time to work its magic. Combining both methods will help you beat your competition in building backlinks and ranking higher.


If you need help with the strategy, please check out my ad agency, NP Digital. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you for reading.

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